Video Poker Strategies

Video Poker Strategies

Video poker is a game of skill and luck, but not only luck like other slot games. The skill part of the game is what the player keeps and what percentages they play to make a hand. Some players go after the Royal Flush any time they have two or more cards to draw to for a Royal.

Others need a one card draw for the Royal. After 1000s if Video Poker hands the odds of getting a Royal on the dealt hand seems to be remote and not likely to happen. Only Royals were scored with a draw to a hand.

Other draws that make sense when dealt them are drawing to two or more deuces when playing deuces wild and the hand had no other advantage. This hand is a winner no matter what you get, but you may luck out and get four deuces which is a big payoff. Or you may get a Royal or five of a kind which are also big payoffs.

Video poker wins and losses can be directly attributed to what the player keeps and what the player gets in the draw. This is where the skill in this game comes to the front and can make a difference in winning or losing. Players like these games a lot and are willing to play them on any site that offers their play. Tournaments if you can find them using this vehicle are really fun to play in and the prize money is excellent.

Slot sites have a number of Video Poker games and some of the better online casinos are also well covered in this area of slot play. Some of the best UK casinos that offer all forms of gaming, also offer many versions of video poker. There is a a very simple reason for this coverage by the better casinos. The best reason of all is the players on these sites give these games a great deal of play and are willing to play decent length sessions due to this form of gaming.

Video Poker Strategies

The classic Jacks or Better is still very popular in this form of gaming. One of the favorites is the Deuces Wild video poker game. There are two obvious reasons for this game being so well thought of by gamblers. The game generates a number of winning hands and the payoffs are excellent if the game gives up a big hand like four or five of a kind which is not that hard to do with deuces wild. There are many straights and flushes which are break even hands. Full houses and straight flushes pay well and again with the wild deuces this is not that difficult of a hand to come up with.

There are several versions of video poker than a player may like better than either of these games, the best way to decide is to play them for yourself. The name of the games are indicative of the game, giving very good clues about what the game is featuring.

Another feature of many of these games is the player can increase the line bet and play one to twenty lines per spin. the major jackpot is tied to the bet and the number of lines played.

Maximum lines gives the best payoff. There are video poker games that have progressive jackpots as the incentive to play the game. Not all games are paying off the same on the hands. Play the best payoff games and those with reasonable line wagers if money is an issue. If not play the progressives at maximum wagers and max lines as that will insure the jackpot if hit will pay the maximum that is available on the progressive machine.

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