Slots Strategies

Slots Strategies

There are several workable strategies that can be used for slots online and in live casinos.

In a live casino only play slots off the beaten track and not those by restaurants, restrooms or exits. These slots will be set up with lower payoffs than those over in a corner or in a long line of slots. The casinos payoff percentage is figured from all slots in the casino and not from the best or the worst slots.

Online the slot player cannot play slots in a certain floor position. The slot player has to just take a shot at a game and prey for the best result. The only game that allows for strategy or skill is video poker. All other slot games depend on luck or lack of luck to win or lose. There is some thought to the games that are played as there are different payoffs on similar machines. The player should make sure they are playing the machines with the biggest payoff on the same hands. You see this is 3Card Poker or some video poker games. Sites that shave the payoffs to their benefit are taking advantage of players being unaware of these differences. It may not be cheating, but it boarders on the unethical. Sites that do this should be avoided as it shows they are not worried about the players welfare and only their own. Sites that do not show any restraint on making money in this way are actually saying come on sucker and beat us if you can. Those days of unfair casinos and rigged games went out of business when the Nevada Gaming Commission started dictating the rules. There are home sites for casinos online that are really tough on player fairness and pristine games. The UK sites are extremely regulated by a no nonsense licensing authority. Any player that can play on sites that are from the UK or Gibraltar should give them a preference over sites from other countries. This is true for all games online and since slots are the most popular games online, this means that the fairest sites will be the best to play and the governing authority in the UK are the strictest of all jurisdictions.

Slots Strategies

Regular slots payout more often than progressives, but progressives payout bigger pots when a winner is hit. If your are a patient player, the progressives may be better to play at the end of a session, but regular slots have more winning hits even if they are smaller in size.

It is a reasonable strategy to play the progressives for a few spins every time you are online at a site. This is a small stake to risk each time, but it may pay off in the long run if you have one lucky spin. This is the logical reason to take this small risk each time on the slot site. This may seem far fetched, but this is the surest way to give a player a chance to hit a score as if you do not play, you will not ever win a progressive.

Not all sites are the same as some have better games and seem looser than others. Those sites are the ones to play and are the most likely to give up a big winner to the player. Slot sites that have a great number of announced winners are often better to play than ones with no winners as these sites use winners to attract new players all the time. It is a long shot, but the logic is valid and so are the numbers as sites with a lot of winners are always in the news.

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