Roulette Strategies

Roulette Strategies

When a movie wants of indicate that gambling is going on, the movie invariably shows a roulette table and the well dressed players around the betting layout and the wheel spinning.

Think of the famous movie Casablanca and the gambling scene that involved the Roulette betting table and the wheel.

Roulette has been mystical to man ever since its current form was invented in France in 1796.

Great writers have written novels about the game and mathematicians have tried to come up with a system that will guarantee a profit. There is no such system, so do not believe what some say on the Internet about their roulette system. The only system that has some merit is a way of making pattern bets that lower the house odds against the better. This strategy does not mean the better will win, but it does lower the odds against winning to a more manageable level.

Pattern betting involves making more than one bet at a time, which is not unusual at a Roulette table. The idea is to make a group of bets that if any of the bets win, the payoff is more than the amount bet. A simple example would be betting red and the first column on the betting layout. This may not be very profitable as a study of a 1000 wagers would give a better idea of its effectiveness. This specific bet was just to show a pattern bet and not an example of a wager that would lower the house odds. There are sites on the Internet that show a series of pattern wagers and the new odds for the bet working and the odds if it hits.

Bet one single number on a roulette layout and the number is hit will pay 35 to one. Bet five of them and the payoff if one of the five is hit, is still 35 to one, but the better has bet five times as much as the first wager. The win is still showing a profit 7 to 1.

Roulette Strategies

Betting on more than one item on a Roulette layout is an acceptable practice as long as the better knows the total payoff if there is a winning hit in the bets. The lowest payoff of all the wagers must be figured as that is the minimum payoff, next to zero if all wagers are missed.

This is the minimum payout and therefore the odds the bet should be figured at. Then figure how many losing bets you can make and still break even with one win. This will give you some idea if the pattern is any good and if you can maintain it for many losing bets.

Players of roulette are willing to experiment with all manner of combination bets. This is done in hopes of finding a way to win every session. There is no known combination of bets that will do that and many computer experts have tried thousands of combinations looking for the same thing. These studies by expert computer mathematicians are the most recent answer to the search for a way to win in Roulette. Nothing has been found to date.

Martingale systems have been proven years ago to be hocus pocus. Constantly raising your bet is not a way to win and is a sure way to go through a great deal of money. Players that have tried these progressive systems have learned the hard way they do not work at some point and cost a lot of money. Set loss limits and time limits and forget any progressive betting that is similar to the Martingale.

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