Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack Strategies

Online Blackjack is a card game that can be dealt from a single deck of 52 cards or a shoe that holds six decks. The object of the game is to get as close to 21 as you can without going over to 22 or beyond. The second object is to beat the dealers score and stay at 21 or less. The card values are deuce through nine, count at face value of two to nine. Tens and all face cards are valued at 10 and an Ace is either eleven or one. So an Ace and a eight would equal 19 or a seven and a nine would equal 16. The dealer must hit any hand with a value of less than 17 or what is known as a soft 17, which is an Ace and a six. When the cards are dealt two to each player and the dealer, the dealer will have one card facing up and one facing down. The up dealer card gives the player some idea of the possible value of the dealers two cards. If the dealers up card is six or less down to two, the dealer may have a hand that a single card dealt to the dealer hand would put the dealer hand over 21. This is known as busting or breaking the hand. There is a school of thought in Blackjack that the player should not hit a bustable hand if the dealer has a breaking card showing. This is known as playing for the dealer to break. This is a solid method of play as the dealer will have to hit any hand under 17 and if the dealer hand totals 12 to 16, the hand can be busted with a single card. This is absolutely the correct play when the dealer is running cold or the shoe is rich in high cards. If neither of these conditions is present, the player can elect to go on feel or still play for the dealer to break.

The option hand is a hand held by a player that can be safely hit and not broken. This is a tough decision for a player when the dealer has a break card showing. In this situation the player can go by a hunch or just stay with the dealer breaking strategy. The player must decide at the start if they are going all the way with the dealer breaking method of play. Or if not then what are the conditions when this method gives away to feelings or hunches. If a player is successfully able to predict when to play hunches like some are, then this is an easy decision.

Blackjack Strategies

There are plays that should not be made at any time unless the cards are being counted. Do not pay for insurance when the dealer is showing an Ace, as the house does not pay the correct odds even if you win. Over time this will save a player a lot of money from say ten sessions or more. This is a bad bet due to the odds that the house pays if you win the bet.

Another possible bad play is doubling down on ten or eleven when the dealer is showing a face card. Obviously you can win the hand, but the odds are not right as the player could easily have 19 or 20.

One bet that makes sense most of the time is when you have suited cards in the pocket and the flop matches your biggest card and the other two cards give you a flush draw. This is a bet on the come, but it could also be the best hand in the game at this point.

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