Baccarat Strategies

Baccarat Strategies

This strategy is not in any Baccarat book that I have ever read. I have been using it for at least 20 years in live casinos. It is a way to hit the tie hand and show a profit over the session that the shoe is being used. A tie hand in most live casinos in Baccarat pays 8 to 1.

Here are the rules to put this into action. The first rule is to not bet the tie until it shows the first time. After the first time it shows, bet the hands that follow in sequences of threes, i.e. when the third hand is ready to be dealt or the sixth or the ninth or the twelfth or the fifteenth.

The point is the player bets hands that follow a tie in the three sequence and if this misses then the player starts the count from the next tie. I have seen this work on the 27th hand after the tie. Since the tie pays 8 to 1, the player can run a small progressive wager on subsequent bets that follow the tie. I have no idea why three seems to work, but it does very often in a long shoe. Also the reason that the betting does not start until the first tie shows is it saves money as the shoe can go quite deep before a tie appears. I have seen shoes with only two or three ties in an entire shoe. This tie betting idea limits the number of bets and therefore the amount bet on the ties. Over a shoe this could save a great deal of money on losing bets.

Watching for trends is especially useful in Baccarat as shoes sometimes are uncanny in the repetition of a trend. Once while playing in the Baccarat Room in Lake Tahoe, I noticed that a lady at the table dealt a tie every time she became the dealer. The next time the shoe moved to her, I started betting the tie after her second deal and hit it with a substantial bet on her fifth deal. This started a very good session at this table and the evening was worth $28,000.

Baccarat Strategies

The trend is your friend in the stock market and in gambling, particularly in Baccarat and Dice. Trends have no rational or reason behind them in gambling, but they do happen and anyone that does not recognize this fact is not using all of their gaming faculties. Great gamblers catch on to trends very early and ride them to a winning session of gaming.

ESP or hunches are laughed at by players that do not believe in them and loved by players that are blessed with this ability. Watch the great poker players on TV and notice the ones that seem to have this sixth sense to a tee. Gamblers with accurate hunches have a huge advantage in any form of gambling and they are very quick to see a trend before most other players. So the jist of this article is a simple way to catch tie hands, what to look for in live play and what to do if you are in a game with a massive trend in place. Many players will dismiss these ideas, but the smart ones will keep an open mind to the ideas as all of them have made this writer a great deal of money gambling.

Not all players can believe these methods will work for them unless they give them a real trial in a live casino. I have never tested the ideas on an Internet site, so there are no results to report

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