Silver Dollar Casino Review

 Silver Dollar Casino logoThe Silver Dollar Casino have been online since 1997 and with that starting date qualifies as a gray beard among online casino sites. Obviously the site has been doing things correctly all along since it is still active online. That is strong testament to the site and its management. Not all sites that started in those early days of online gaming have remained to be an active site since that time. This site game list is wide enough and covers enough gaming areas that the site can state that it has games for all players. At this time the site could us a little renovation to bring it up to the current standards that are seen in the new sites coming to the public almost every month. Adding weekly tournaments should be a consideration as these gaming vehicles seem to be very popular with the players on the sites that carry this form of gaming.


The new player bonus program is built around giving matching bonuses on the first three deposits. The bonus maximums are $300 on the first, $450 on the second and up to $600 on the third. The play through rules are 16 times the bonuses. There are other bonus deals during the year that a player can use to refresh their account. Keeping the loyal customers is important for any casino, and so far this has been a successful endeavor for Silver Dollar.

Languages and Currencies

 Silver Dollar Casino siteSilver Dollar uses English on the site and the USD for its currency. At this time these are the only options.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals can be made using Neteller, wire transfers, Click2Pay and Money Bookers. Deposits can be made using credit cards but not withdrawals.

Table games

The big four of most casino games are present on the site including Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. All four are very popular with both neophyte gamblers and gamblers that are well aware of correct play and house odds. All but Roulette are very low in the odds in favor of the house. The list of the games on the site are far reaching and allow players to have a number of choices from different gaming areas.

Slot Games and Progressive Jackpots

There are a number of slot games and progressive games on the site that will cover the needs of most players that are into this area of gaming. There are more than enough choices for slot players that visit this site.

Video Poker

 Silver Dollar Casino gameThere is a reasonable list of video poker games and that takes care of most of these players needs for video poker play. This is a strong area of gaming popularity so sites are forced to give the players some games to just keep them happy.

Customer Support

Customer support is critical to a good site and this one is no exception. The management of the site has done a good job of making their support staff knowledgeable and able to answer most questions. If research is needed to answer the players question the support staff may take a little longer to get back with the answer.


Most of these older casinos are going through a revamping stage in order to compete with the new sites coming online. Silver Dollar should do this also to make the site more in line with the modern new sites they are up against for the players. Every site needs to replace players that quit playing or leave the site for whatever reason. There is always the need to attract new players, so this is another reason to make the site better and more attractive

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