Beating Online Casinos using Side Games pt two

Beating Online Casinos using Side Games pt two

Another game that is of the side game genre is the game called 3Crad Poker. This game has a payoff of even money wins and and bonuses for bigger hands with a pay out of some real money for a three card straight flush or three of a kind. The player is playing against the dealer and the hands seem to run in streaks for either side. The big payoff hands can come in separations of only a few hands or take a long time to show up. This game is all about trends and raising the wagers when the trend is positive. When the trend goes the other way the wagers should be reduced.

When playing online be sure and check the payout schedules as not all casinos online pay the same amounts for bonus hands. Obviously play online at the best payoff casinos. There is no good reason to accept a lower payoff even to play at you may consider a better casino.

Players that like the excitement of winning solid amounts of money on one hand will like playing 3Card Poker. the game gives away large payoffs and then takes a number of hands to win the money back. Playing for the hit and then quitting is the only way to consistently win at this game. Getting ahead and then giving it back is not the way to play this game at all.

Beating Online Casinos using Side Games pt two

The personal rules for this game should be a time limit on play and a loss limit to keep the losses from one session under control. If the cards turn lucky increase the wager until you feel they had begun to turn back from lucky. Playing to long in this game is dangerous as the streaks can last far longer then one would think possible and can cost a great deal of money.

Another nuance of this game is that the winning hands will come in bunches as well as some of the smaller bonus hands like straights and flushes. Online some times you will see three or four bonus hands in a row followed by lousy hands. There are other small points like this that a frequent player will notice and should be able to take advantage of in the future playing sessions. The smart player does not overstay winning sessions and learns to play other games as the streak ends and leaves the game for another day online.

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