Beating Online Casinos using Craps

Beating Online Casinos using Craps

Craps when played correctly is basically an even game between the house and the players.

Betting correctly is done by taking the odds on pass line bets, same for come bets, place bets should be made and buying the four and the ten. Players should avoid field bets, and big six or big eight bets as none of these pays the correct odds for a payoff.

If shooters are rolling a lot of numbers absent the dreaded seven, then the player should be loading the table with the wagers that pay out great odds when won. Place bets and come bets are the quickest way to get bets down on the numbers and will begin to payoff as long as the numbers keep rolling and no sevens are showing.

Buying the four or ten is a great bet as the odds paid are correct and the cost to make the bet is only one dollar if it wins. Placing the five, six, eight or nine is a good bet also as the payoffs are close to being right. Placing or buying numbers can be reversed at any time and taken down at the whim of the player making the wagers. Many players do this if the shooter makes a point and is coming out again. In this way the player temporarily protects the wagers against the roll of a seven. Turning these bets on and off is not unusual and is done all of the time by players at a dice table.

Beating Online Casinos using Craps

Live casinos have a better environment for a hot dice table than an online casino has. The excitement of a live hot dice table is infectious and causes the table to draw players and a great deal of positive energy. Tables that get hot can stay hot for several times a round the table as the shooters are rotated after a seven out is rolled. The more times the shooters roll and then finally seven out are indicative of how hot the table is for the game. The more passes the shooter makes the longer the table stays hot. The more passes that are made, the more money the smart craps players will win during this hot streak. A hot table will have several shooters that hang on to the dice for extended periods and maintain the luck that is flowing over the players at the table.

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