Beating Online Casinos by Blackjack pt one

Beating Online Casinos by Blackjack pt one

Without a doubt the game that is played the most at online casinos is Blackjack after the huge following that slots have. Blackjack when played correctly and without counting cards has a very low house edge and therefore only a little luck is required to book a winning session. This is not true for all games that can be played online. Only Craps and Baccarat have the same low house edge.

Blackjack is a perfect game for a thoughtful player to play well and have a chance at winning. Knowing when to stand and when to hit is what this game is all about. Playing for the dealer to bust is a method of play that will pay dividends over time. Never buying Insurance is the smart play. Doubling down on ten or eleven when the dealer shows any card other than an Ace or a ten value card. Not hitting a break hand when the dealer shows a break card is a smart play.

When playing more than one hand at a time, the player should let one hand offset another when one is a winner and one is a possible loser. Breaking even to winning is a sound playing policy. When looking for a table to play in a live casino, pick a table where the players seem to be winning as it may be a sign of a cold dealer. Where possible take the third base seat that is the last player seat before the dealer gets their drawing card. This seat can control the dealer cards they draw by taking a hit or passing the chance. The obvious pass is not taking a card when the dealer has a break card showing and the player hand totals between twelve and sixteen. Unless the player is counting cards and knows which kind of shoe is now in play, a shoe rich in high cards or a shoe rich in low cards, letting the dealer play to break is a good percentage play. Splitting face cards or tens is a hard play to justify if the dealer is showing a high card. Only when the shoe is rich in high cards and the dealer is showing a break card should the splitting of face cards be done. If the shoe is not being counted, the player should take what looks like a sure win and not make the split. On the other hand, splitting deuces, threes or sixes is a better play than just hitting the hand. This is especially true when the dealer is showing a break card. The dealer's face up card is key to what actions the player takes with their hand. The importance of playing off the dealer's card cannot be over played as this method of play makes sense from an odds stand point and gaming is always dictated by the odds of any situation.

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